Don't call me people manager

Don't call me people manager

Sorry to disappoint you, I don't manage people. I help people grow and achieve their best.

I work in the tech industry, and I feel really lucky. Incredibly lucky. Probably like me if you also work in tech, you get job offers with a certain frequency. Something that's unheard of in other industries.
Given my experience, some of these offers are for a lead position. Until here all good. The issue I have starts when those offers mention people manager.

The tech industry is really advanced compared to other industries, there are constant innovations in many areas. But sometimes I feel that management is not one of those.

Don't get me wrong, probably the management style of some tech companies is years ahead of some old other companies, and they are a wonderful place to work. However, I think some naming is outdated.

I don't manage people.

The term people manager suggests to me that I have to manage people's work, people's time, like in a factory where people weren't allowed to innovate, fail or even think.

Not long ago I went with a close friend for some motorbike riding, lunch and a try to get him to work with me.
Over lunch, I was explaining him the role I'm searching for and how that would fit in my team. Then he asked: So, you will be my people manager then?
In that moment I knew I wanted to start changing the naming, so I went:

I'm not a people manager. I am an enabler.

Call me enabler instead

I enable my team to have a safe place where to innovate and fail.

I enable my team to bring their best at work while having fun.

I enable my team to learn, grow and mentor new team members.

I enable my team to achieve their goals by removing any blocker, solving any dependency and getting all the tools they need.

I enable my team to have impact and get recognition for their achievements.

I enable my team to become better every day.

So, no. I don't manage people.