Drive business growth through technical excellence

With 12 years of experience in developing B2B and B2C products for diverse companies, including startups and multinational corporations, and across various industries such as recruiting, social networking, audio streaming, and UX tools, I have successfully led high-performance teams and delivered 4 new successful user-centric products, generating over €10 million in annual revenue.

Taking your company to the next level?

It all starts with your teams...

  • Engineering leadership coaching
  • High performance teams coaching
  • Best engineering agile development processes
  • Increase product development process speed


  • Align your technical teams with business goals and KPIs
  • Scale your software to 100s of 1000s of users
  • Engineering remote culture, increase engaging and hiring speed
  • Optimize workflows between tech, product and customer support teams
  • Analyse and optimize performance and costs

I have made my mission to help founders and companies to drive business growth through technical excellence.